Epping URC with Mbare UPC

Since 2008 we have been twinned with Mbare UPC, Harare, Zimbabwe. Frequent communications are shared between the congregations and both African and English churches continually pray for each other in worship services as well as other times. In 2011 our then minister, Jason visited  and Lindsey, a church elder has visited on multiple occasions. In 2014 and 2018 we were visisted by members of the Zimbabwe presbytery. We have supported Mbare with fundraising which has helped to build a new school and replacing their water tower. We also share information in our congregation about Zimbabwe and Mbare through special services and events enjoying Zimbabwean food, music and slideshows.

Through this twinning our lives have been enriched, as by any new relationship: we have learnt a great deal about one another; individual members of congregations have built personal friendships; prayers have been offered and answered; visits have taken place in both directions; we have shared our joys and trials.

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